Maintenance Program

Repairs to Boutique and High-End appliances can be costly.  You don't have to wait until your appliance breaks and you're facing that repair bill.  Now, Seasonal Comfort Company offers our clients a Maintenance Program to help keep your appliances in top working order.

Our Maintenance Program includes:

Test and Calibrate temperatures on ovens/ranges. Inspect for gas leaks and test gas pressure regulator to insure safe and proper operation.

Ice Machines
Physically remove slime and mineral buildup. Flush system with cleaner. Clean condenser coil. Replace water filter. Inspect for leaks.

Build-In Refrigerators/Wine Storage Units
Clean condenser coils. Check temperatures. Replace water filters if applicable, and check refrigerant levels for overall proper operation.

Outdoor Grills
Inspect for gas leaks, cracked ignitors, bad ignition modules or switches, clogged burners, stiff/frozen valves and gas pressure test.

We offer maintenance services for all types of High-End appliances. Call us today to discuss how we can help you save money by properly maintaining your appliances!